Monday, July 23, 2007

The New Gay-Bores

From a text to Comic Writer:

NOW with histrionics!

Fuck me dead, the new family have a pet roo.

ps - I thought MY moving weekend was busy - but there, a whole neighborhood changed streets!

My other thoughts so far: WTF is with Ringo/Caramello? Where's Rachel? And what's with the audio?

Staying home on Monday night rules. You get to drink.


flashman said...

Lesson: never let Toady drive after a wedding. You'd think they'd know, after Dee and all.

naridu said...

ahaha, Flashman you beat me to it, and all I know of the show is what I catch on the commercials.

Desci said...

Oh, too soon, too soon.

Also, I love you both. xo