Monday, July 09, 2007

On Caps

God, I hate baseball caps. Seriously. Only two types of people wear them:

1. Sex offenders, and
2. Athletes (or people who fancy themselves thus).

Either way, I probably hate you.

Fucking caps.


Kartar said...

I fucking hate trucker caps more. Everybody who wears one looks like a knob.

teigan said...


DJ said...

3. Homeboys / Wiggas

Bruce said...

What did I ever do to you to make you hate me thus?

I am a cap wearer more sinned against than sinning...

Martie said...

I wore a lilac nike cap on Sunday to go walking.

Sun, etc

chewy justice said...

I believe exactly the same thing about tracksuit pants.

Either with or without a cap, the types of people who wear them are still:

1. Sex offenders, and
2. Athletes (or people who fancy themselves thus).

Cap + tracksuit pants = 1+2 = PE teachers

Desci said...

Kartar: YES.

DJ: Ak! How did I forget?

Bruce: You know you're CONSTANTLY the exception to all my rules (like with the cricket loving et al) xo

Martie: Athletic pursuit, practical wear, therefore fine. Though NOTT hott.

Chewy: I pretty much want to marry that comment.

The Hack said...

4. Middle-aged men with thinning hair who are out in the open on sunny days and can't stand the feeling of a burnt scalp. *sob*

Desci said...

Hack - May I suggest a jaunty legionnaire's cap, then? All the protection and none of the... creepy.

Hambo said...

4.1 People having a "Bad Hair" day.

5. Nerds that like to show their support for a certain game console while out and about (like at LAN parties and at Greensy Plaza.)