Monday, January 07, 2008

Punk Really is Dead.

Back at work. Oy.

In other news, you know the singer from Yidcore? Bram Presser, I think his name is? I’ve spoken to him once, and he seemed like a bit of a pretentious cunt: I was walking out of a concert, he was there, and I mentioned that I was going to be at the club they were playing at the day after. Still slowly moving away from him in the crush, towards the door, (so it wasn’t like I was trying to pick him up or be clingy and annoying) I asked if he knew when they were gonna be on. ‘I have no idea’ he snorted at me, like a snooty fucking princess. Left me with a negative, yet ultimately forgettable, impression of him.

I only remembered this when he was on John Safran, and it was revealed that he is the son of Dan Presser, the guy who did (does?) those abysmal fucking Sunraysia ads for prune juice. You know, the ones that were so cringingly awful and self-congratulatory that there were complaints? (Dude, hire an actor. You make prune juice; you don’t have the charisma of a voice-for-hire).

Anyway, Bram was even IN some of these ads. ‘Hey, dad, tell me more about Sunraysia’s delicious Easy Lemon Squeezey bottle!’ or summat. How fucking punk of him.

So Bram, be all supercilious and punker than thou. Not all of us can sit at home and be musos, growing wacky dredlocks while our rich daddies fund it. Fuck, if my dad was rich enough to support me I’d have about 2 kilos of ink and metal on my body, but work demands a certain level of conservativeness. You really aren’t as cool as you’d like to be.

Anyone met him? If he’s actually a 100% lovely guy I’m willing to be convinced, but Arrogance + Nepotistic Daggy Ads really isn’t kicking any goals for me.


Adam 1.0 said...

Everyone knows the granny was the star of those ads.

Dan Presser was right up there with Frank Walker from Bargain/National Tiles and Chris/Marie from Wombat Gully in the pantheon of great Melbourne radio ad characters.

I always used to like an add where some pissy bagpipe band came on and their song was..

"There's cars on the high road, and there's cars on the low road. We're great guys. But sometimes we wear kilts".


Ramon Insertnamehere said...

Not all of us can sit at home and be musos, growing wacky dredlocks while our rich daddies fund it.

See also Frenzel Rhom.

I know that's not the correct spelling but I can't be arsed looking it up.

Desci said...

That's right! They even roped in the grandmother! Euch.

National tiles. *shudder*

RINH: Frenzal Rhomb. And they're awesome when you're 16-21.

eat my shorts said...

Why have those ads come back on tv recently (as in, I saw the one with the Grandma several times last week)? That's what I want to know.


And really, how annoying is the whole alliteration crap they had going with the 'pip plucker plucking pips from plump prunes'??

And - oy. Prunes and prune juice?? Excuse me while I rark.

(Do excuse me, it's clear that I hold some repressed anger over those ads.)

equinoxxx said...

I found this blog post by searching for The Pressers in Google. I was wondering what became of those awful prune juice adverts. They were on the radio all the time over here in the UK!

Perseus said...

I've met him heaps.

He's alright. He's just a bit hyper.