Tuesday, February 12, 2008


(apologies for the cross-post)

The D&B S will be on hiatus for a little while. Bobby’s in China for 2 weeks (sob!) and we have to set up some other stuff before we can do good PCs again.

It’s always been fun, but the quality has been sketchy these last few months (not counting the Nartog week, that ruled), so we’re going to be addressing that. On the 17th of March we will be back with:

- 65% more lols!
- More current material (but for the articles I’ve had for, like, a year)!
- A quicker PC turnover so commenting is more fun!
- Some old segments and some new surprises!
- regularity, just like the old days!
- FFS, more energy!
- A story about how I’ve bought these two pairs of shoes I’m terrified to wear, lest I break all my ankles! and
- Other stuff, I’m sure!

So thank you to our 5 loyal listeners. We will be back on business soon.


flashman said...

Hurrah for segments! I wondered what happened to Madison Mackenzie. I hope it had nothing to do with John 'Johnno' Williamston-Smith.

RandomGit said...

Segments were awesome. I couldn't do it. You guys rock.

Desci said...

Flashy: I don't even think *I* could write that.

RG: naaaw! xo