Thursday, February 21, 2008

A Cry For Help

Do any of my male readers have one of those short leather jackets with the stripes down the shoulders and arms? Please, let there be one. Because I’d like to know that owners of said clothing item aren’t ALL total fucking douchebags.

Anyone? Come on, I need to be proved wrong.

Sub question: are there any clothes that people wear that automatically make you think ‘total dick, right there’? my top 3 are:

1. Caps when not out in the sun (one must have cover outdoors, I’m talking about indoors or at night)
2. Those black short-shorts… actually, any short shorts, either gender
3. Anything you can buy from Supre, Jeans West, all those major teenage popular fashion outlets. Shudder.


flashman said...

I have a blue polyester one with red and white stripes. It's not leather, and I am a douche in any case, so I guess that's not much help.

I have been known to pop my collar, but only for legitimate sun protection reasons. (I also have prescription sunglasses - that's how seriously I take it.)

So, anyway, enough about me...

Ramon Insertnamehere said...

No I do not own a short leather jacket with the stripes down the shoulders and arms and you insult me and my ancestors for even suggesting such a thing.

I bid you good day madam.

I said good day!

Mel said...

Excuse me young lady, most of my wardrobe comes from Supre, Jeans West, etc. Today I am wearing a dress from Portmans and when you last saw me I was 'rocking' a top from Supre and jewellery from Carrington Jewellers, that delightful outlet on Swanston St.

social disaster said...

Fluro = fuckwit

The Hack said...

Hambo reportedly owns arse-less leather chaps with white stripes down the legs. He says they are a prescription pair because they ease the pain of his prolapsed bowel, but I don't know about that...

Meanwhile, I had a short leather jacket - with no stripes - half my life ago. It was given to me. I wore it only a few times. Then I gave it to my sister, who still wears it occasionally as either a long jacket or a short overcoat.

RandomGit said...

I've thought about getting one of those jackets before but I don't because I don't drive a sports car. I think that's what they associate with, driving formula one or some such.

Which means, rev head dickheads or wannabees of the same.

Thumbs ups to caps inside!

Anonymous said...

2 things make me physically ill. and i have no good reason for it.

1/ those pants that men wear that are full pants...until the mid calf, when they suddenly end. so they are pants, but not. shorts, but not.

2/ sunlight sensitive glasses. the ones that go pale brown when light hits. and always remind me of serial killers.

mind you, this is absolute baseless hatred. but hatred nevertheless.

emsy x

Marvin said...

tees that say "vintage" or another random dumbass word.

Anything with faux graffiti.

Bruce said...

I am in Queensland right now and the short shorts are in plague proportions. In some cases this is a good thing when revealing some toned backpackers legs - in others it is a horror of Brando proportions.

I have occassionally forgotten to remove a cap when coming inside. Does this count? I'm pretty sure I am a total dick.

And I think my last couple of pairs of jeans have come from Jeans West. They do boring old man styles as well there - or at least they used to and you can get a couple of pairs the same real cheap and thus only shop for jeans once every 5 year.

Sebastian said...

Yeah, agree with Marvin - T-shirts with text that doesn't mean anything at all. Is the prospect of leaving a shirt completely blank that terrifying?

Adam 1.0 said...

I'm so without one that I can't even picture what it would look like.

sharnee said...

I somehow started calling Supre "Slut Shack", but I dont know when/how that began.

I second the faux graffiti look. YUCK. I always blame Anthony Callea for that but I'm guessing because he started that style? Or maybe he just wore them a lot back a few years ago before the Targets/Kmarts started stocking it and then every man and his dog dressed like that?

Desci said...

flashman: You're not a douche and that sounds... kind of cool, actually.

Mel: but you looked so HOT! How can that be?!
SD: Yuh-huh.

Hack: See, I think it's the stripes element that proves the douche. (And prescription pants. hurhur)

RG: Thumbs up to your call on sportscars. Thumbs DOWN to your love of caps indoors.

Emsy: GOOD CALL on the tinted glasses! I never realied, but you're spot on. As for shpants, I kinda like em if done well (ie, black, by a fat old metal guy. NO REALLY, I'M KIND OF INTO THAT), but I understand the hate.

Marvin: Yes and Yes.

Bruce: Forgetting doesn't count. And random jeans from jeans west don't count, either: I'm trying to poorly articulate the fashion genre preferred by teen fuckwits, who also tend to appear in jeans west ads. Hence the comparison.

Sebastian: Actually, that's a really good point. You never see BLANK tees anymore, do you?

1.0: Will point it out to you next time we're out. PROVIDED YOU DON'T PIKE, YOU ABSOLUTE DOUCHE.

sharnee: Slut Shack! Slut Shack! Love.