Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Of Apples and Cunts

One piece of news I’m annoyed about:

- New Mac Book Pros are out. No 13 inch, no blu ray drive and no high-res display on the 15 inch? Bad apple, BAD! Boyfriend is, quite simply, inconsolable.

And while I’m here, tired and angry, seriously, this whole ‘controversy’ about the cunts exhibition is depressing me. Why do we still have such a long way to go? If there was an exhibition called ‘cocks’, the posters wouldn’t be torn down and the coverage wouldn’t have that ‘no, but really, let’s talk about the implications of this’ angle.

I can’t stand those women who blanch at the word ‘cunt’. Do you not realise that by being offended by it you’re propagating the myth that it is indeed the worse thing in the world? Cunts and cocks should stand on the same level, censorship wise.

Genitals are funny and ridiculous. By all means call someone a cock, a dick, or a cunt. But FFS, just make them equally inoffensive/offensive terms.

I don’t even know why people get offended by words. Phrases, fair enough. ‘Pus-pumping one-eyed choadworm’ is pretty offensive. ‘Your mother likes to peg HIV-infected ladyboys while getting fisted’ is also offensive. But one word? How old are you?! Stop being so fucking pathetic and join the adult world, already.


RandomGit said...

Cunt comes from the word fecund, which means fertile. So that's why it is 'so' offensive, it has implications of the Earth Goddess and menstruation about it.

And we all know why our self appointed moderators of offensiveness wouldn't like that eh?

Anonymous said...

oo what is this exhibition cuntraversy you speak of? i would google but i'm scared of what i'll get back cos i'm at work.

emsy x

Mick said...

Hear Fucking Hear!

It's just a word!
It's the first syllable of the word, COUNTry.
It's four letters!

I don't understand people's reaction to it either.

I swear that one day it will be used in everyday vernacular.

I mean shit is pretty much acceptable now, and fuck is getting closer.

Long live the swear!

flashman said...

I think "spermburper" is a lot worse than cunt.

Anonymous said...

I say cunt on a regular basis, loud and proud. I figure soon enough people will stop baulking at it, and accept that's just me.

<3 Des. Great entry.


pruesaysit said...

Couldn't agree more!!
I'm constantly encouraging people to stop being afraid of the word!
Cunty Cunt Cunt! Feels good, doesn't it?!

RandomGit said...

Yes, Cunts sure do feel good.

flashman said...

Also good to see pegging get another mention.

teigan said...


I dunno. It's awesome that there are swear words. Illicit words that are hidden from children and never brought out in polite company because they're so dangerous.

It's also completely stupid, which makes them funny.

[And we all know why our self appointed moderators of offensiveness wouldn't like that eh?]

It's no accident that 'cunt' is the most powerful & dangerous swear word in the English language.

It's understandable that conservative types don't like it. But when right-on feministy types exhibit a problem with it, they're just advertising their own stupidity.

Also, it just sounds great.


Great word.