Thursday, March 27, 2008

Come Again Another Day. Today.

God I love traditional Melbourne weather. It’s raining again, people! And it’s cold! It’s cold!

If anyone saw a fat goth with suspiciously perfect hair*, a clear umbrella and a big dumb grin on her face, that was me. I could not stop smiling until I got to work.

I wish Melbourne’s temperatures were always between minus 5 degrees and 25 degrees. That would be fucking lovely.

* I was just getting out of the gym. I always feel a little incongruous with everyone else who’s already wilted and crumpled up by their commute, when I emerge at the tram stop fresh as a daisy, my hair still a little wet.

In other news, TOMORROW IS MY LAST DAY! The tea will be spilled next week.


Tempest said...

I am SO with you Desci!

When we had that horrid hot patch I was whinging like a bitch and people at work thought I was mad.... and even more so when I was happy as a lark when it got cold!

Yay!!! for melbourne weather!!

J said...

I so loved the rain... I hate it when it get hot i Melbourne. Bring on more rain..

Desci said...

And it's still cold now. GOd, I hope the Heat is gone for another year. Pleasepleaseplease....