Sunday, March 09, 2008

Desci Now 30% Gother

I just got a fringe for the first time since I was little.

It looks fucking awesome.

Better posts when I'm not gazing at a mirror.


Enny said...

Picture?! With identity somehow cloaked!?

naridu said...

yes yes send us a picture ;) Do you look all mod and sleek?

I've become a recent fan of layers and fringe...the long straight was getting way too boring, though now I have lots of slightly annoying flickery bits. Bah.

Oh also, what's the review on the latest NIN album? TOG was incredibly unimpressed. What does boyfriend think?

Lindsay said...

I got my first adult fringe about 2 years ago and I love it (especially because my ex told me I would never suit one - ha!). The only time it shits me is when the QLD humidity turns it into a wet blanket on my forehead.

The High Priestess said...

Or a cartoon piccy? "I look thusly:"?

Desci said...

Enny, High Priestess: See today's post, hee.

Naridu: Now I wanna see *your* hair!

And I'm sure Boyfriend will have *lots* to say about the NIN album on the podcast this weekend, but the short answer is so far, he likes it (because he's so autistic about NIN). I think Still was better, but I've only heard it once thus far, and their music does tend to grow on one after multiple listenings.

Lindsay: Yes! I'm so paranoid about getting hot, because it might get all ick... I'm obsessively looking in mirrors if I start to sweat up.