Monday, March 17, 2008

I Know What I Want… ish.

I have to cover reception for an hour every week, sometimes more if the receptionist is away (several people in my office do this when she goes to lunch, we have a roster). I enjoy it. I don’t know why. I mean, obviously there’s shades of my job being so fucking boring that any distraction is good, and any time away from the fucking radio is wonderful, but still, I like said reception shifts.

I love organising things, and writing lists to work through. And there are some monotonous tasks I just dig (however, others make me want to kill myself).

I don’t know what type of jobs I’ll be looking for once I finish up at my current Ed. position. What I’d really like to do is talk to someone about what kind of jobs I’d be suited for, because I know there’s something out there other than writing that I’d love to do, I just don’t know what it is.

Anyone have any suggestions about who I can talk to? I’m not looking for some clueless 29-year-old recruitment officer with a fucking HR degree. I’m looking to discuss it with someone who has a wide range of experience, who knows what’s out there, and can assess my strengths and weaknesses to give me some good advice. Oh, and someone who doesn’t charge $2500 dollars for said service would be nice.

It’s times like these when I wish with all my strength that I enjoyed accounting.


Anonymous said...

ello. i don't have any experience with this sort of thing but one of my nieces is nearing "career" time. and this was on her photocopy of suggestions.
where you can look up advisors and stuff.

or this
where you do a quiz to help you....mind you it's on a dubiously title site called JOB JUICE. so yanno....

hope this helps.

failing that, rock up and apply for the dole. then they give you heaps of free advice.

emsy x

Bruce said...

Have you considered being a PA?

There is actually a lot more to it than answering the boss' phone. You have to organise stuff and follow up things on their behalf. You rule their schedule and everyone has to get past you to get to the big chair. You also get to see a lot of how companies get run.

The right PA job can be considered a stepping stone to some heavy duty positions. Even the odd young MBA graduate sets their sights on grabbing that role for a year or more to get a look at the corporate world on the inside.

Also, fashion sense can be negotiable. You won't necessarily have to don the suit, heels and pony-tail (as much as that look works for me on a personal level) to fit in. I've worked with some PAs with every shade of hair color under the sun, tattoos etc. It can be done.

Anonymous said...

dunno who you should talk to, but 'What color is your parachute' is a useful book for somebody looking for a new job. Especially the bit about doing an inventory of your skills.


EzyRider said...

Emsy, that website, according to that, I have a 20% share in all areas of that pie.. so apparently, I'm a jack of all trades. Le sigh. So much for me finding the career to end all jobs.

I'm with Bruce, go the PA job. Nothing says success than the chance to wear a big shouldered suit and goth hair. (I kid, I kid.)

Seriously, go the PA route. You get the experience of how a certain type of company runs, you're in the thick of the action, and you get some excellent experience on how to deal with asshole bosses.

Good luck darl, you deserve only the best.

Anonymous said...

errr me too ezyrider. ahem. i'm starting to think tarot cards might guide me to a better career. HEE

emsy x

social disaster said...

Wow I was going to suggest PA too. I am one and I think it's great if you have the right boss. Unfortunately I'm without a degree and work in the wrong area to be paid decently, but I've heard in the city that you can earn shitloads. Plus it's a fantastic insight into how things work and a great way to meet people.

Ramon Insertnamehere said...

I was going to suggest "contract killer".

Because how cool would that look on a business card.

Desci said...

FFS you guys, I fucking adore my Brains Trust. You all roXor.

Emsy: that AACC site was EXACTLY what I'm looking for! Have already emailed several of them. Cheers!

And on the jobjuice thing, I was 50% Epression (bullshit jobs like model, nail tech and photographer), 40% Detail (curator, archivist etc) so at least tat has a definite answer, hehe.

Oh, and when I was on the dole for 3 months between uni and work, they were absolutely fucking pathetic with their one size fits all/assuming no one finished year 10 style of counseling. Pa-the-tic.

Boris: will check it out!

INH: Not as good as 'Soldier of Fortune' which was my other option.

And Bruce, Ezyrider, SD: PA! I never thought about it but it actually sounds utterly awesome, and exactly what I'd like to do. So far, that looks like the forerunner in what I'll be looking for when I fire up