Monday, March 31, 2008

It's Over!

Lovely weekend.

Friday was my last day. It went very well, despite a genuine concern that my obligatory brief farewell speech would be marred by excessive bleeding of the face (CBF writing it out again, see the podcast for the full story).

Went for post work drinks then to see Old School at Rooftop Cinema. Despite being tipsy and having a coat, it was quite cold, and the movie's only saving graces were Will Ferrell and Vince Vaughn: if any other actors were in it, it would have been the worst film evah; this way it was only forgettably average.

Saturday we had Boyfriend's mother's birthday lunch, then dinner at Pearl. I was giddy with anticipation and my GOD, did it deliver. We tried all six cocktails on the menu and had some amazing lamb, orgasmic peach souffle and of course, the duck. If you're ever in Melbourne and can afford to spend $42 on a Red Duck curry, you must-have-to-must go to Pearl.

We went home and played singstar til we had to sleep.

Sunday, we had a screening of the Futurama movie with friends, then dinner. Then Boyfriend and I went to Daniel Kitson. Verdict: not as good as Roger and Grace, and much more 'preachy' then his other shows, but still utter genius from the most gifted man in comedy.

We were walking back to the car after the show (slowly, since I was wearing my Class 3 shoes, more about that another post) we were accosted by a lovely gentleman who turned out to be Chewy Justice. We chatted to him and his parter - none other than Kitten Wrangler, for the TSSH days! - for a while and then drove home and crashed out. Was lovely to meet you both.

So yes, busy weekend. I just had Typhoid/Hep A and Tetnus injections and I'm feeling kinda fuuunny. Somewhat dubious way to spend my FIRST OFFICIAL DAY OF UNEMPLOYMENT! But more about that in the coming days.


Hambo said...

Oh you need those shots if you plan on rocking up at Centrelink within the next 6 months. I hear they give those out at the door. :P

RandomGit said...

I now expect two posts a day, at least one of them about new sex thing.

Hop, or should I say bounce, to it!!

Desci said...

Hambo: I'd probably *catch* those things at Preston Centrelink! Grim.

Nope, no dole for me.

RG: You know in your heart of hearts that won't happen.

chewy justice said...

Pleased to meet you.

Daniel Kitson's show probably wasn't as good as last year's, but that's not to say it still wasn't absolutely brilliant. And front row made it even better.