Monday, March 10, 2008


Seriously, what the fuck is with jeans? Why does everyone in the entire wold own them? They’re neither the most comfortable of sartorial choices nor the best looking. Blue jeans are just so… pedestrian. And yes, I know you all have at least one pair, and I’m a freak for vowing to NEVER AGAIN WEAR BLUE JEANS IN MY LIFE, but honestly, I don't understand why they are the Universal Pant of Choice.

I mean, a well-chosen style can look good on someone, but you can say that about other types of trouser that don't gain the popularity of blue jeans. Is it just an 'everyone else does it, and without thinking too much, so shall I' thing? I feel quite alienated.

Ugh, blue jeans.


The High Priestess said...

Um, er, didn't you say in the "suit up" post that you found someone who had switched from boring blah suit stuff to t-shirt and jeans to 'oh, he's suddenly rather attractive'?

RandomGit said...

The jean is my sole 'long pant' of choice. This is due to it's low risk factor. You see Desci, it's about fashion risk not fashion preference. Being one who is defining their fashion as an utter polar opposite to this, it is natural for your curdled hatred to broil upon the jean.

What if the jean is black leather? I suppose it doesn't meet the canvas quotient for jeans anymore.

Boogeyman said...

I hate jeans and won't wear them.

I mean really, if I wanted my crotch buffed by rough, ill-fitting clothes, I'd wear a pair of sackcloth undies, right?

Desci said...

High Priestess: Mmm, they can look good, but I don't know why they specifically are the specific pants of which absolutely everybody has at least one pair. Sorry, I wasn't that cler, my beef was more with the weird prominence of them, rather than the isolated look itself?

RG: I see your point. But now I'm distracted by the thought of more black leather in society, which I am forced to assume would only be a good thing. Mmm.

Boogey: I know, right? Shouldn't the Global Pant of Choice be something a little comfier, at least?

Ren said...

I live in them. I'd be quite happy if the weather was just so that I could wear jeans, boots and a jumper all year through.

I practically do anyway.

I think they're so popular because they're hardwearing... except when you're fat and your thighs rub together - and then you by them yearly to replace ones that have perfectly good legs but no crotch or inside seam to speak of... and they do age well, colour-wise.

I guess each to their own, but to me, there's nothing more comfy than a pair of jeans... with the exception of my jammie pants because jeans hurt to sleep in.

Anonymous said...

Jeans do age well, as ren pointed out. And ya get used to them. Initially they can be stiff and heavy and not much joy, but once they're worn in, you literally do not want to take them off. They're the best.