Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Arse S

OK, sometimes I can be a real n00b.

So what RSS feed do you use? 'Open all in tabs' is getting a little tedious, ok?

Side note: I tried briefly, and hated it. Is this a similar thing?

And yes, I've noticed the lack of Momo, too. Sucks! I assume she's busy, what with creating two lives, and her domain might have expired. Anyone know where she's gone? She's a longtime fave of mine, and many readers of this blog.

Hope you all have a lovely day. Ye gods I'm sleepy.


Mick said...

For me? Bloglines is the way to go.

There is Google Reader and other such readers out there, but I sort my Blogs into groups and it tells you which groups have unread posts.

You can open all from that group, or individually.

Welcome to the new world! :)

Anonymous said...

I check them in mail on my mac. As easy as checking email!

Kartar said...

Google Reader. And I just emailed Momo to ask how she is and what happened to the website... :(

I think house moving might have been soon'ish - that could be it.

Kartar said...

Yep - that was it. House moved and no Internet...

Perseus said...

I didn't understand one sentence of this post.


In the distance, a crow farks.

dave said...

Google Reader is my friend. With Extra Greasemonkey script (Better Greader) makes organising the 150+ feeds I have into nice little categories, with more than one category able to be used for each feed.

Better GReader

Ramon Insertnamehere said...

I understood almost nothing of Dave's post.

Perseus said...

Yeah, I only got as far as 'Dave said...'.

dave said...

I read a lot of blogs.

Sorry to flummox.

sharnee said...

I too like google reader, but I guess there are a few choices.

TheOtherGuy said...

yeah another vote for Google Reader here. I use google for my mail, and my schedule (yes.. i have a schedule), so using reader was just one more step in selling my soul to them.

For RSS feeds that update frequently (like digg, engadget, lifehacker.. and other nerdy blogs i follow) i usually just have a Firefox Live Bookmark and read whatever stories take my fancy.

Desci said...

Mick: Ta! Will check it out.

Anon: eh, I prefer web-based mail. I've never gotten into the whole 'desktop mail' thing, though perhaps I should.

Kartar: Cheers! I figured with all the stuff she's been doing (house/babies/etc) something like that might have been it.

Perseus: n00b.

Dave: Cool! I've always been scared of Greasemokey, though... might ask Boyfriend to have a go (he can unfuck his fuckups, I can't with mine).

INH: other n00b.

sharnee: Mmm, it's looking like the best starter option, though since I know there are so many out there, I figured I'd have a check with my amazing Brains Trust.

TOG: I have a paper diary. Tch, schedule. I love lifehacker. Firefox live bookmark, you say?

Enny said...

I'm another vote for Google Reader - you just click the Reader link when you're in the email.

I used to open over 100 tabs in one go each day - it just took an hour or so of copying the links into the reader and deleting them from my bookmarks (or leaving them if they only do partial feed - I HATE THAT!!!).

Plus I can check my blogs from work, and 'star' them for commenting on when I'm home.

Enny said...

(You can also do groups in Google Reader)

Louche said...

I am a recent convert to Google reader and I've also started using Google calendar as I was always leaving my paper diary at home.

Get with the e-jizz, desci.

Anonymous said...

(That was me, Sweatergirl BTW!)