Thursday, July 24, 2008


So I was at the gym yesterday, getting ready for class. Since it was the second session of 2-session Wednesday I didn't look too busted, all recently showered with my hair not yet up and my gym gear all clean (because of Personal Trainer every fortnight, I go to the gym twice every second Wednesday).

I was walking to the sinks, and this Latina-looking chick glared at me. Back from the sinks, she was walking past and did it again.

Only problem was, I had no idea whether it was a 'god I hate you for some reason, possibly I don't think fatties should be allowed in a gym to contaminate the rest of us'. Or, it could have well been a 'Coooor, I just wanna get you home and finger-rape you until you're grinding my knee begging for more, you filthy, sexy cow'.

Or, now I think of it, maybe it was a combination of both, which would have been quite awesome, really. You know how violent, punchy sex can be great. You know, that, 'god I wanna fuck you and hurt you at the same time'.

Or maybe she saw me before I changed, and just doesn't like goths because they killed her father.

Either way, I should have thrown her a 'come and get it, bitch' look, to either encourage her or throw her (if it was a hateful look). But being at the gym and stripped of my me-ness, I just did one of those benign half-smiles, the type an idiot child would have as their neutral face.

Stupid unreadable semi-attractive girls. It's already a confusing environment, what with all the tits and no garters filled with cash.

Maybe I'll try for a less misogynist post tomorrow. Ahem.


teigan said...

Bitches, eh.

Gabriella said...

Betcha it was the latter. The Goths killed her family, on the inside.

Maybe you look totally weird not being goth?

Deenie said...

This is why I go to a gym that has mostly gay male clientele – the chick’s change rooms are always empty and very, very clean. No cunty women staring people down and leaving their fucking hair all over the sinks.

Perseus said...

"Stupid unreadable semi-attractive girls."

Amen to that. I've wasted most of my life on them. And shall continue to.

Better than wasting it on other things.

Desci said...

Gabriella: You're RIGHT! And yes, I think I do indeed look pretty weird in 'normal' work out gear... when o when will they start making goth exercise clothing for the husky gentleman?!

Deenie: sounds like HEAVEN.

Perseus: *solemn nod*