Thursday, July 03, 2008


Inspired by Melbourne Foodie. (Where is he lately, by the way?)

Melbourne has so, so many restaurants. And while I got over 'cafe' food a long time ago, I still love eating out (yes, RG, hur, and indeed, hur)... though my monetary sitch prevents me from trying places I've been dying to for years (Vue de Monde, Flower Drum and Ezard spring immediately to mind).

So here are my tips for Melbourne (in Sydney, I only know - and LOVE - Summit).

Best Breakfast by far goes to the amazing Devour. Most weekends you'll see my busted tranny arse seedily munching the home made baked beans, eggs marakesh or Snickers thickshake.... or Boyfriend's extra hash brown in his Big Brekkie.

**NOTE: The owners have sold up and are moving to the beach in September, so get in while you can!**

Best Banquet is Yianni's Tavern in Kew. Amazing Greek food, huge servings. I've been there with four stoned baby boomers and they still didn't finish everything (though they DID do it in a power-hour). Boyfriend and I have taken dozens of people and they've all loved it, vegetarians, seafood haters, even people allergic to garlic. I think it's because it's just very simple, fresh food. Also, best calamari in Melbourne.

Best Chinese/Yum Cha is Oriental Tea House. It's the only Yum Cha I eat, and the dumplings, my god. The $45 buffet is lovely, but for a cheaper hit, just get a selection of dumplings and a tea.

My Favourite Japanese is Matsuya's in Fairfield. The second banquet has literally all my favourite 'Aussie' Japanese foods. Also, they do this $40 mixed sushi for two, that comes in a massive wooden boat. Book ahead, and just try to ignore the fucking families with fucking children.

Best Takeaway is Ora Thai in Fairfield. I like Petite Saigon in Thornbury, too, but you really have to know what to order (there are plenty of duds) Don't let the bain maries (sp?) put you off: Ora Thai is all good, and all fresh, if you don't get the 'express' stuff. Best garlic rotis, too.

Best Informal CBD Place is Nudel Bar. Food Nazi tipped me off to it in a post, and now I'm a little obsessed with their Thai Fried Noodles (funny coincidence: I get her favourite, and Boyfriend's regular is what her partner had... a coincidence indeed, with the huge menu).

Best Dodgy Retro Choi-noise takeaway is Peking Inn in Bundoora. It has all the standards, done well and cheap, with massive servings (after the serving containers places closer to the city have, I was shocked to see again the massive ones the food came in).

Best Cocktails and Food is Longgrain. I've only been once, but it was... transcendent. Best cocktails I've ever had, as well as the best soft-shell crab. Ach, I wish I was there now.

Best Pizza is Mojo's. Or Crust. Not that I really have Italian, especially pizza, though I loooove pizza to death.

But my bestest, favourite restaurant of all time is still Pearl. I know it's a clishe, but the red duck curry, srsly.

Your turn.


TimT said...

No way, the best breakfast is at Pippa May Cook in Thornbury - it's their apple and berry crumble, and it's also the best dessert in town.

I had a pizza at Mojo's once, and it was frikking awful; bits of badly cooked meat smeared with Home Brand relish. Mojo's weird pizza is, well, just too weird.

Kartar said...

Best Chinese/Yum Cha - def. East Imperial - - in Carlton. So much food and very reasonably priced.

Favourite Japanese - has to be Peko Peko on Smith St, Collingwood. Their vegetable gyoza - to die for!

And I have opinions on all the others but no time to post. :)

RandomGit said...

Hur hur, you said:
Eating out
My tips
Amazing devour
Munching the home
Brown in his big brekkie <-- that one's a keeper
Get in
Do it in a power-hour
Selection of dumplings
Mixed sushi for two <-- popular in The L Bar
Plenty of duds
All good, and all fresh
Off to it
Shocked to see again the massive ones
Best cock

I was going to piop in "Fucking families with fucking children." but thought that was going too far.

RandomGit said...

PS. A few years back I was in Melbourne for a Union thing and went to this place on Fitzroy street in St Kilda, just down from the Elephant and Wheelbarrow. It was an old converted house where all the ex-bedrooms were for private dining.

I remember the food was try hard cafe done poorly.

Ringing any bells for anyone?

social disaster said...

Fuuuuck I love a good gourmet vege pizza and that crust place has sooo many I'd like to try! I'm really hungry now.

Ramon Insertnamehere said...

We were thrown out of Petite Saigon by the crazy woman who part-owns it.

But apart from that...

RandomGit said...

PS. It's Cliche with a c.

Does that mean you have to hand me your honours?

costa said...

for a good steak - try meat and wine co in south bank.

Anonymous said...

I'm a big fan of Soul Food on Smith Street, I think. Damn that scrambled tofu is good!

Also, Gingerboy (Ezard's sister restaurant) is a must eat.


Perseus said...

Hokkien Fried Noodles for $7.90 at Nam Loong in Russell Street - I've been having them since 1988, and they have never let me down.

Best coffee: Mario's in Brunswick Street.

Best spanakopita on Earth - Melissa's in Smith Street.

Desci said...

Some excellent suggestions! Keep 'em coming.

I want to know more about INH getting kicked out by the crazy lady (and yes, she is crazy).

And RG is banned from this thread for stupid jokes and jumping on the typo I made. Good DAY sir.

Ramon Insertnamehere said...

Long. long story, Dess.

RandomGit said...


nyah nyah.

Anonymous said...

Also, how has Pellegrini's not been mentioned for best coffee? Seriously? It's like the main reason I keep going back to Melb.


Desci said...

INH: Will have to wait for our next drinks session. Which is when...?


NOI: I don't really drink coffee. Caffeine makes me proper re-tah-ded.