Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Problems Happen Gradually.

They do. Some unpaid overtime here and there at deadline times leads to staying back 30 minutes unpaid every night. Deciding to forgo talking to your partner about things that bother you leads to underlying, growing discontent. And quick and easy takeaway dinners lead to an extra 15 kilos.

None of these apply to me, though. When I say problems arise gradually, I'm talking about my Handbag Problem.

See, I had this interview with a recruitment officer. Dealing with admin, so I wanted to look professional, which is a role Ive not had to play in the last 18 months or so. (My last office was very casual; since we didn;t have to deal with clients face to face, only via email).

Then I looked at my handbags. (Deal with the tasteful duck motif on my grandmother's couch. Images all SFW but horrid because I'm a crap photographer. And some are on their side, though I changed it twice.)

There's the old backpack:

(When I bought that sticker, Hateful Dave asked if it came with a time machine, to go back to 2002 when 'All Your Base was funny. Desci BURNED).

There's the bag mum bought for me six years ago, which I used to like and now despise:

Pattern detail:


There's the novelty Super Mario backpack:

Novelty because:

It's so tiny!

Then there's the Hello Kitty bag.

Or... the other Hello Kitty bag

And lastly, Bunny Stiches:

So what to do when you discover most of your bags should belong to a Japanese 13 year old? You go to your mother's church (aka Myer) and find THE MOST BEAUTIFUL BAG EVER, WHICH WAS $90 AND IS NOW $40.

(And also comes in black/gray instead of black/red, if you're interested)


Ramon Insertnamehere said...

I think you'll find this process is known as "growing up", Desci old stick.

Happens to most of us.

Desci said...

Dude, be more patronising. Growing up doesn't mean needing a sensible handbag: changes of circumstances require appropriate accessories, is all. I used to have literally 5 or 6 adult handbags, buggered if I know where they've gone; I've not needed them and have steadily acquired more and more 'fun' ones.

Boogeyman said...

I never bought a handbag when I grew up. But seeing that sexy red and black leather one might just make me change my mind.

Ramon Insertnamehere said...


Gabriella said...

I need a new handbag. It's not got cartoons or anything on it, it's just kinda massive. It's more of an overnight bag rather than a handbag. It suits my work but when I'm going out at night it kinda sucks.

Ren said...

Oooh... That bag? I'd hit it.

nancy said...

I once had a sex dream about Trent from Daria. Fucked up.

Marshmallow said...

Oh gawd, that red & black bag is hot! *tries to grab at it through the computer screen*

And hey, I have a messenger bag with The Cheat on it. That stuff never gets old.


You hear me?

[who am I trying to convince again?]

Desci said...

Boogeyman: and match it with a leather mini, you little tart. Yeah, you like being an adult, don't you?

..My mind just went to an... odd place.

INH: xo

Gabriella: Mmm, the Tiny Bag is a much-needed accessory for the pocketless.

Ren: MmmHmm!

nancy: That's not fucked up. It's AWESOME. I mean, who hasn't had a sex dream about a cartoon character?

You guys? Guys?

Marshy: Hee! We have the Kick The Cheat toy, and some SB hoodies and teeshirts.