Monday, August 25, 2008


Much to talk about on MWF and other things, but for now, here's one I prepared earlier. Also, I'll be replying to comments soon; sorry for the slackness with that of late.

A few days ago, Equinoxxx left the following comment on this post:

I found this blog post by searching for The Pressers in Google. I was wondering what became of those awful prune juice adverts. They were on the radio all the time over here in the UK!

So as if it wasn't bad enough that those fucking ads were here, the UK had to deal with them too?

Australia fails at Ambassadors.


dave said...

Maybe I should break this to gently but dude's also got a band. More, here's a picture of his head..

Desci said...

I thought I mentioned it in the post? But nice link action regardless.