Friday, August 29, 2008

RPM and Body Balance

Tried both of these for the first time last week.

RPM was great, and I kept up with the rest of the class, which made me feel good. The instructor had told me to go pretty easy my first class, and that helped. Afterwards we talked for about 20 minutes, and I got some great tips from her.

I hadn't been on the bikes for about 2 months, and even then it was just for 15 or 20 minutes, not a full 50. So that night and the next day, even the day after, I had a sore... seat region.

By that, I don't just mean my butt.

I think I bruised my labia.

No, really! It HURT. Boyfriend was all up in my bidness, and I had to back off, because that whole 'bike seat' area hurt like bejesus. And it was like that for two days. The third day, I just dealt with it, though the pain was still there. Fucking bloody fucking. Has that happened to anyone else? And ye gods, what's the boy equivalent?

Body Balance

Was great. I felt like a tool, as is normal for a first-time class, but I was a lot less dicky on some things than a few of the veterans, which was good to see. It was 'harder' than the raja yoga I've tried a few times, so I liked that about it.

So now I have to make time to incorporate both in my regime. Good good.


Lizz said...

About the 'seat area' - a lot of people I know who do RPM (I don't, but whatever) buy cheapie gel seat cover things from Big W (or the like). Apparently they go over the top of the bike seat and are a bit more cushion-y on your lady parts.

Boogeyman said...

what's the boy equivalent?

Getting kicked in the nuts. All men understand that feeling. Tell boyfriend you feel like that and he'll back right off.

Riding bikes excessively can put a lot of pressure on that area too. My brother rides heaps and he had to have some lump removed from his groin a few years back. Not a shining endorsement for the sport, really.

social disaster said...

Yeah I refuse to do RPM for that reason. Then again I did ask for a bike for christmas after I got pierced down there. Not clever!

Marshmallow said...

Don't worry, that soreness happens to everyone. It lasted 4 days the first time I did RPM, 1 and a bit days the second time I did, and by about the 4th-5th class, wasn't happening at all.

It's awesome that you were able to keep up with the class! So many newbies I see barely manage - as in, they sit on the bike, don't pedal, and just STARE.

And Balance is so good for you - I've been to a few classes and I enjoy it, and I know that my muscles sure are thanking me for it.

Yaaay, so awesome that you tried both :-D

Hambo said...

What is this RPM? Is it a way for me to start riding again without the fear of being forced off the roads by fucking Melbourne tradies?

If so, then I am there. I miss my bike. I should visit it in the garage.

josiethinks said...

I used to get the same thing after doing RPM. It was really really sore.. It took about 3 classes to make it stop happening.. Now its all good. I now go out of RPM feeling fine!

shitbmxrider said...

I signed up for a gym the other day...

I vagely remember the pretty lady that signed me up talking about someting like this...

Riding bikes real fast? Done. Canne run to save myself, so this will suffice.

Now, just to wait for said gym to open up. Huzzah

Anonymous said...

Yeah, the whole numbness of the labia is exactly why I traded my bike in. I like to not hurt down there. Even with a gel seat I would ache for about a week. That's noones idea of a good time.


DJ said...

Ah RPM (some people may known it as 'spinning' even though they are technically different)

Buy yourself a GEL seat cover from a bike shop. Dont get a cheapie from K-mart, invest a few dollars and your 'down there' bits will thank you.

I used to get numb-nuts, literally numb bits from doing too much RPM and/or sitting in an incorrect position. If you have an instructor you're comfortable discussing you predicament with, get them to adjust your bike to minimise the possibility that your bits will go numb / get sore. You'll still do well to get a gel seat though

Desci said...

Thanks so much for the comments, guys. I think I'll try the next one au naturale, and maybe the one after that, but if it's still bad I'll get a gel seat...

Now let's see if I throw a tantrum and buy one in a week, hehe.

Enny said...

I lurve RPM!
I hate the speed, but I love the hard standing strength ones :o)

I STRONGLY recommend you get a pair of 'Knicks' - you get them from general sports stores (do you guys have Rebel Sport and Sportsmans Warehouse?!) and they are like bike shorts with a GIANT pad in them. It makes a world of difference.

I wear mine under my normal shorts btw :o)

Desci said...

I STRONGLY doubt they'd make 'em in my size!