Tuesday, August 05, 2008

TV Part 1

I love TV. Well, I love hand-picked, watch-it-on-my-laptop TV. I never turn on my actual TV set, (unless I remember to watch Gladiators, which is... never). Why channel surf through crap when I have hand-picked DVDs of goodness I can watch any time?

The bedridden week helped me catch up on a lot of sweet, sweet TV, thanks to Boyfriend's brother. This week, in tribute to both television and the site TV Junior, I'm gonna talk about different shows I've been watching in the past three months. I will put no spoilers, because I can sympathise with watching a show late (being that Boyfriend and I watched all of the Sopranos after the series finale had aired).

Also, don't go giving me any spoilers, either. Even annoying-as-fuck cryptic comments, no thank you. Because one, I'm quite a bit behind on all of them, and two, it doesn't make you look knowledgeable, it makes you look annoying. And you know, hormonal cunt I am, I tend to snap for little reason.

So, let's embrace the wonderful (and awfulness) of TV.

For the record, my all-time favourite shows are Arrested Development (live action) and Futurama (animated). But these posts will mostly be about new (-ish, or still on-air) shows I've been watching lately.

* Finally finished Alias, in all its camp glory. Season five reminded me of Buffy s7 (at the risk of giving anything away, there were just parallels in a few of the themes and storylines).

* 30 Rock is great. It took awhile to get into it (five eps or so) but it's hil-aaarious. Especially Kenneth, in all his unfailing cheer and benign simplicity.

* I like Ugly Betty for camp popcorn viewing, just something to watch while getting ready to leave the house, though I hate, hate, hate the characters of Betty and Henry. And I love the characters of Wilhelmina, Mark, and Amanda (I love her so much).

Much more TV talk next week.


RandomGit said...

--drive in--


--drive out--

Kerces said...

ooh ooh ooh I've seen the new futurama movie, Beast With a Billion Backs

(I hope you're suitably impressed, because I didn't even know there was a new futurama movie. I haven't seen Bender's big whatever though)

shitbmxrider said...

agreed on the 30rock...

Monday nite, for me, is the only nite of viewing actually worth a shit...

Top Gear, South Park, Boston Legal and then 30Rock

chewy justice said...

Have you seen Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog yet?

My boss gives me crap for buying TV shows on DVD rather than movies. You can make a TV series stretch for days or watch a movie in under 2 hours. I know what I'd rather do.

I normally get a lot of comedies (like your favourites & many more), but early this year I started buying MacGyver DVDs when they were on sale. They still provide a great laugh, but for all the wrong reasons. Episodes will generally feature crap dialogue, bad acting, dodgy effects and the occasional appearance of Jason Priestly, Teri Hatcher or Tia Carrera. Needless to say, I'm hooked.

Just today, I got season 5 and I'll be watching it as soon as I've finished 30 Rock (almost there, and yes, it's great).

Anonymous said...

i want them to get rid of betty and henry so badly. they make me sick.

emsy x

Desci said...

RG: O...K. I'll remember that... next time I'm in Canberra. Which will be...
... ... ... ... ...

Kerces: I *AM* impressed! We've not even seen it yet! (and ps, Bender's Big Score equals hilarity)

BMXER: I've never seen top gear, but I love the rest. (And god damn it, boy: Night! night! NIGHT!!)

Chewy: I LOVED it, because I'm a fat Joss fan - I had to. Know, it was great, Boyfriend loved it too.

As for TV V Movie DVD, they don't really compare, do they? I mean, honestly. A whole series vs two hours?

(And I've not seen Macguyver, but it does sound kind of ace!)

Emsy: How GOOD would it be if they died? Mmmmhmm. And it... COULD happen... like when Valerie left the show 'Valerie' and it became 'The Hogan Family'...