Tuesday, September 02, 2008


Marshmallow has a series of posts about her time in Melbourne, including this lovely one about our first meeting. Awww.

Now, as if it wasn't enough that she's as lovely IRL as you'd expect, while being 17 buckets of fun to boot, she ALSO bestowed snacks upon me!

Toffee Pops and Squiggles. OMFG. Both are NZ chocolate biscuits. The biscuit base is chewier that Australian ones (which are quite dry/brittle, I hadn't noticed until I tried these). The toffee ones are biscuit and caramel (I'm so ghey for caramel) covered in chocolate, the squiggles are this lovely righ chocolate fudge, choclate bisuit and pieces of... you know, clinkers? That. So. Effing. Good. I'm rationing them. Or rather, Boyfriend has hidden them, and is doling out pieces in increments. It really is the only way.

Anyway, it was lovely to meet her, and everything she says is true: we totally clicked and it was heaps of fun.

But then I read her post and got hungry for Oriental Tea House. Mmmm, anglo-ised yum cha...

I'm all snacky today. It may be PMS.


Marshmallow said...

Yeah, Griffins has been making those biscuits since Before I Was Born, and recently we've seen the Aussie brand versions of Squiggles in our supermarkets and we're all like, "Eh... what's the point? We have GRIFFINS". Then I saw the Aussie brand ones in all of the supermarkets in Melbourne and I was all like, "Oh... I see..." The Griffins ones are the TRUE biscuits, don't settle for anything less!

It was fantastic to meet you, like I said before, the highlight of my Melbourne trip was you :-)

[And man, at least you can satisfy your Oriental Tea House cravings. All I can do is sit here and sob.]

Ramon Insertnamehere said...

Hope you had a swingin' time in St Petersberg-on-the-Yarra, Marshie.

Get somebody from Melbourne to explain that to you.

josiethinks said...

I swear I have seen the Squiggles in the supermarket before and those are nice.. and as marshmallow confirmed..there is an aussie brand..

Desci said...

RINH: I've lived in Melbourne my whole life and have NO FRICKEN IDEA what you're referring to.