Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Cultural Quirks II

- Chinese girls are ghey for blond guys, no matter how ugly they are. Case in point Boyfriend's coworker, who kind of looks like… I dunno, just a generic guy, certainly not a dream boat. And all the women at the Beijing branch of his company loooove him. Blonde average/ugly guys: to Beijing with you!

An aside: The only blond guy I've ever had a crush on was… Michael Tunn. I was eight.

- I saw a Real Estate agent opened at 8pm. Sunday.

- On 11/11 they had a festival for, as my gorgeous sometimes-guide put it, 'people without partners or friends or anybody' because it's the 1, 1 day of the 1, 1 month. So cool. We should have a festival celebrating the single and/or friendless! Single people: embrace your aversion to conformist 'nesting'! The friendless: meet some new people to enjoy!

- Also, when you give anyone a $100 RMB note, they check if it's counterfeit. Very, very odd for an Australian to experience.

- You know I don't like getting into the poo humour, but briefly: I don't like Chinese toilets. The ones that are basically a drain in the ground were actually pretty easy to wee in (on??) but the western-style ones are weird. They fill with water over half way up, and have two drains in them… and because of how they work, once you flush you basically get a ten-second parade of what you just left there. Hm.

- Boyfriend saw a cat going for a walk with his owner. Not on a leash. But in a bee costume.


Adam 1.0 said...

To Beijing!

Via the hairdresser.

Boogeyman said...

To Beijing indeed.

When I used to work checkouts in high school, it was the policy to double check any $100 notes we got through in case they were counterfeit. I guess they figured that counterfeiters wouldn't bother with the low denominations, and hardly anyone uses the large denominations.

Was the cat wearing the bee costume, or the owner? If the latter, he sounds just like the Mexican Bee guy from the Simpsons.

Desci said...

You WISH it was the Mexican Bee Man, but you know it was the cat.

I hate having AUD $100 notes. I feel so conspicuous.