Sunday, November 23, 2008

Cultural Quirks

- They have the cutest fucking dogs here. They have these wide, squashy faces, like Chinese dragons, they're tiny (Maltese sized) and they come in all the colours, longhaired or short. The longhaired white ones look like the Luck Dragon from Neverending Story. They are SO. Fucking. Cute. I want one. One of Boyfriend's friends told me the breed was 'Beijing Dog', but they're not on wikipedia (though there are some on google images! Here are three SFW pics I found, awww! Want!)

- Driving on the left is odd. I like being in the front passenger seat; it's like a dream in which the car drives for you.

- Being a passenger, or a pedestrian (or a cyclist, I'm guessing) is SCARY. No seatbelts. No helmets. Insane shenanigans. Constant horns, not in an aggressive way, more an 'ok, I'm about to switch from lane one to lane four, and not indicate, so heed me!' way. Effing scary. Apparently there are a LOT of road deaths, and I'm not surprised.

- Also, when one road was clogged, everyone just thought, 'fuck it' and decided to use the other lane, thereby driving down the wrong side of the road, and jamming that, too.

- No cyclists wear helmets, either.

- Quite a few English speakers have American accents. Not unusual. What WAS weird, though, was one girl at the markets who, through broken English and a heavy Chinese accent, spoke in bafflingly perfect Brooklynese: 'Wanna trai a scawrf? Laydee, Wanna trai a cashmeeere scaaawf?'


Enny said...

As soon as I saw the pictures, I instantly thought Pekingnese:

Type it into google and see the adorable pictures that come up first!!


Desci said...


I think that's it! Which would make sense, as they call 'Peking Duck' 'Beijing Duck' there. Ergo, Bejing dog = Peking-ese!

I got so overstimulated when I saw those pics Boyfriend almost had to sit on me and give me a tranquiliser. God damn I want a puppy.

I'd get one called either Xiao Long or Spider.

Enny said...


They are gorgeous, you can totally get them here, I think you should go for it.

Spider is a totally awesome name :o)

Desci said...

I stole it from a podcast, hehe. (Gay Pimpin' with Jonny McGovern, as always).

Now to work on Yaya...

RandomGit said...

I would name it Kickmop. It's a functional name.

Desci said...

RG: Careful! You'll have two Very Angry Bloggers to answer to, right there. (Bobby, on the other hand, laughed).