Thursday, November 20, 2008


- My Mandarin is SO effing bad. I’m improving by being here, but not enough. People are lovely, though, and impressed I can speak at all, which is nice of them.

- … Though I’m more than a little obsessed with showing off at the markets, sidling up next to Westerners bellowing at the sales girl ‘TWO. IS IT THAT PRICE FOR TWO OR ONE? I WANT TWO. THAT ONE. YES, THAT ONE, TWO. TWO. IS IT THAT PRICE FOR TWO? NO, I WANT TWO. OR ONE.’ and casually enquiring about a product to an adjacent sales girl, then discussing price in Mandarin. I rule.

- It’d suck being a non-English speaking westerner, since people all bellow ‘HELLO!’ at you if you’re a round-eye.

- Speaking of which, we were at a restaurant in a non-touristy area, and walking to our table people actually stopped eating to stare, like it was the Last Chance bloody Saloon. It was a place that had those nifty little rooms, and one guy came out with his back to us, turned, saw us, did a double take, and ejaculated an ‘HELLO!’ Boyfriend and I keep doing it to each other. HELLO!

- Chinese people who speak English all say ‘wow’ a lot. It’s interesting.

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