Thursday, November 20, 2008


Six more posts about China after this one. All very brief. Apologies for tense changes, they're from notes I was taking while there.

- I keep having joygasms about everything. My happiness overwhelms me and I have to do a high-pitched kind of meow/squeal. Especially my new CJ7 slippers! CJ7 SLIPPERS! Eeeeee!

- Everyone at Boyfriend's work said I was very pretty – I told him it was because they didn't know the English for my actual look: 'glamorously busted tranny mess, but making an effort with the look s/he put together'. It's true!

- I get stares because I'm a fat western goth, and we're not in a touristy area. I exaggerate not when I say literally every single person stares at me; one biker going as far as to crane his neck until he almost lost track of his bike. (When we're in touristy areas, it drops to about two thirds of people staring). The looks are an even match of curiosity, 'WTF'-style disdain and awe. Except not awe. You know I love it, though. I've been making myself up like a drag queen every day, and compiling looks that verge on night wear. MY night wear. Fuck it, they're going to stare anyway, this way I'll look good in the photos. Including the one some guy tried to surreptitiously take of me at Summer Palace, and I hid from him behind a tree until I figured fuck it' and then posed like a hissing cat. Sure, why not.

- SPEAKING of which, the first day I realised how dicky it was to just smile in every pic. What, I'm going to have 500 photos of things, pretty, awe inspiring, odd or disturbing, and have the same dumb face in all of them? Fuck that. My expressions and poses have become the stuff of legend. Especially one time at the zoo, where I had a small crowd gather while posing in an acceptable way next to a huge stone lion thing.

- Oh, also, at the zoo, I had two girls ask to get a photo with me, and one parent ask to get a photo with her kid. Chinese kids are kind of cute, but that might be because I can't communicate with them, and have nothing to do with them.


Eveningson said...

I dont know too much about china. I think it's gotta wall and stuff. And there might be some mountains there right? Like, pointy ones. Mountains I mean.

And they are all commies too and they had the olympics just like Sydney. I went there once. Sydney and I cant remember too much. I sort of stayed at this place that had the Marble Bar in it and I drank too much. I remember the funny toilets.

Boogeyman said...

My kids loved CJ7, and even put up with having to read the subtitles, because they loved that little furry CJ7 creature.

On the stares, perhaps when you do yourself up in goth makeup you look like the Chinese depictions of ghosts and demons. If you look like you just stepped of a Monkey set, that might explain why.

Eveningson, are trying to take the piss? Surely you can get your China info from a travelogue?

flashman said...

I am loving the China stories - my sister said similar things about being the object of attention when she was there. Also her boyfriend had to change at a communal sauna once, and nobody there had ever seen a white guy before, let alone a naked one.

Desci said...

Eveningson: Thanks for that.

Boogey: I'm more a sad old Vegas drag queen than The Grudge: Lots of green and blue, sparkly bits, vivid colour right up to the brow line, etc. And yeah, Boyfriend had quite a bit to do with CJ7, so we have it on blu-ray. LOVE it!

Flashy: Bahah! I just read that out to Boyfriend. Love it.