Friday, November 14, 2008

Mile High Cub

…would be an awesome, awesome title for a bear porn series.

So you know how I’ve only ever flown to Sydney and Queensland, ie baby flights that take around two hours.

The flight from Sydney to Beijing is twelve hours. I hear the flight to LA is the only longest one – fourteen hours.

I thought I’d do it easy. Given the chance, I spend all day on my arse gazing at the intertubes. When I worked, I sometimes ate at my desk, only getting up to go to the bathroom a few times.

The problem is, I’m kind of a different person now.

I’ve changed quite a bit in the last year. And made some big lifestyle changes. I’m more active, for one. I’m also hopelessly addicted to BODY COMBAT, BITCHES, as you all know.

So now, instead of being at a desk for eight hours, I’m used to sitting for a few, going to a lunchtime combat class and getting my spazz on, then going back home. I’m never in just one place all day.

I went a little crazy with cabin fever.

After a looong time flying, enjoying some movies and my window seat, I casually asked Boyfriend how much longer we had.


I was incredibly tired, that might have been making it worse.

On the flight home, I’m popping a sleeping pill. I like all the movies and TV on offer, but FUCKS’ sake.

In hindsight, it wasn’t that bad, but at the time I got mighty, mighty antsy.

When we got off the plane, my feet had swollen up (?!?!). I could hardly get my shoes on. They were fine two hours later. Also, my hair was incredibly greasy… this is only 14, 15 hours after washing it (I wash my hair every day, but it looks fine all day). Sometimes after going to the movies my hair gets a little oily, but this was like… well, like six movies in a row. All up, I looked busted. Boyfriend looked a little tired, but fresh as a summer daisy, damn him.

Also, what’s the deal with airplane food? It’s fine, nondescript and not worth discussing, actually.


sharnee said...

Oh, welcome to the crappy boring world of international travel (I HATE IT with a passion now after thinking it was cool the first few times!). Just don't fly to New York or London: it takes freaking forever. Hope you're having fun in China! Hope the shopping is as good as I've heard.

Kartar said...

Longest trip is Sydney to SF. 14.5 hours. Not fun. I've done it four times in the last two months.

Marshmallow said...

I've done it four times in the last two months.

Good grief!

Desci said...

Sharnee: Bah, if you've been in London, and are going to NY, you have NOTHING to complain about! :P

Kartar: What Marshy said - My GOD, man!