Saturday, November 22, 2008

Mostly Concerned With Food

- The food is so good I can't even tell you. Flavours I've never ever had, so many veggies, good, good, good.

- There are eateries EVERYWHERE, it's really weird. In a row of ten shops, you'll have one tobacconist, one clothing shop, one random and seven restaurants.

- Favourite breakfast: thin, crepe-like pancake with egg, spring onion, parsley, and some sort of chilli/tomato sauce. My god they're good. We get them from the supermarket, in which they have little food kiosks.

- Green Tea Pocky. Naridu, I'm looking at you. OMFG.

- Caramel Pocky: pretty good. Blueberry Pocky: not great.

- Speaking of which, since the world revolves around me, I just happened to go to the supermarket on Pocky day. There were two promo girls and I won an inflatable Pocky. Yes. It's… weird, but cool.

- Because I'm fascinated with trashy same, same, but different things, I tried Maccas, KFC and Pizza Hut. Same, same, but different. Pizza hut is expesive, has fancy things on the menu but the pizza tastes the oily, trashy same. Maccas had ads with an Asian Ronald McDonald, which was weirder than expected. And their spicy burger was actually spicy. Oh, and they had peach pies. KFC had egg custard tarts. And I have a suspicion they've made the Colonel look more asiany on the packaging.


naridu said...


wait, wait, tea flavour? Did you take home boxes and boxes? Damnit, I have to find some!

josiethinks said...

I love pocky!!!! Green tea.. yummo.. bring some back!!
Oh... We went to Sexpo yesterday.. Almost the same as last year.. Don't think you missed out on anything.. oh except a really cool goth stlye furniture (including brilliant bondage bed!!!!!! which I adore!). go to

Keep having fun!!!

Boogeyman said...

I recall going to Japan in '88, and their McDonalds had teriyaki burgers, but the rest of the menu was the same. That the was the limit of their cultural variation.

Oh, and their vending machines had about 30 different flavours of Fanta, which was pretty cool, as we only ever had orange. Suddenly the term "Fantapants" could be applied to anyone.

Desci said...

Naridu: Of *course* I bought home, like, 12 boxes. I'm rationing them out to 1 serve (ie 1/2 a box) every Monday.

Josie: Cool; every year I think I should go, but then the thought of bogans and looky-lous put me off. It used to be about pervy people stocking up, now it's just nasty. Thanks for letting me know!

Boogey: Yeah, the menu was mostly the same, with some quirks. To be honest, I thought it'd be way more different.

Different flavours of Fanta = madness I have to see. I don't even drink it and I wanna see it.

Desci said...

Oh, also Josie: the link didn't work! Wah. They sound absolutely lovely, though; I've always wanted a purpose-built bondage bed (strong with no creaky bits and loads of places for hooking things!)

josiethinks said...

Yeah I discovered that too!! I will show you the flyer we got for it! One good thing about sexpo is that we won a photoshoot.. Anyway we want it!!

Desci said...

Coool! Do boudoir shots! Do boudoir shots!