Sunday, November 02, 2008

On Friday, around 6.30pm, I found out that Boyfriend and I are going to China... this Friday.

Never been overseas and I have a week to prepare! Excitement.

First thing: improve my shoddy Mandarin.

(Boyfriend's going for work, I'm tagging along as part of some writing I did for his company).


Marshmallow said...

Bring me back some dumplings!

Enny said...

Woah!! How exciting!

deadsoybean said...

Hehe, thats awesome. Luckyyyy!!

You need Rosetta Stone to improve your Mandarin (Michael Phelps used it for the Olympics to learn Chinese, yaddah, yaddah). Gimmie your email and I'll send you my online account for the Chinese Mandarin if you want :)


Melanie said...

Wow Choina... very exciting - expensive as fuck at the monet they assume all westerners are rich leftovers from the olympics (just got back from shanghai)
enjoy and dumpling up!

Desci said...

Marshy: Hee! Nomnomnomnomnom....

Enny: I keep getting joygasms from it!

deadsoybean: Thanks so much! I do classes so I have HEAPS of info I need to trawl through (and, like, learn. Errm...) but that'll be great once I finally (FINALLY) learn all we've been taught!

Melanie: Oooh! I can't wait to see Shanghai; we'll be in Beijing this time.

Louche said...

Cool - have they sorted out your visa already?

Bring me back a fake handbag!

Adam 1.0 said...


Now you know what it's like to be an MP.

Ren said...

Have you had your shots? Don't drink the water. Try not to breathe too much air. Don't make eye contact with ANYONE at any major landmarks (you'll find out what I mean), do NOT get into an unmarked taxi and for the love of all that is holy, do NOT go to the Beijing opera. You'll thank me later. Have loads of fun!