Monday, November 10, 2008

Some things are universal. Some are not.

For example:

Universal – taxi drivers carping about a small fare.

Not universal – the definition of small.

We were collected from the airport and grabbed a taxi. The guy whined about our apartment in Beijing being such a small fare… it was a bit over half an hour from the airport.

Beijing is fucking massive.

(After bitching about the fare, the taxi driver started yelling at someone on the taxi’s CB. Then another guy got on the CB, and he pulled out what must be the Mandarin version of ‘wasaaaaap!’ it was awesome).

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Ren said...

It's massive but a LOT of fun. Get down to the hutongs if you can. The Xicheng District is where we stayed (Red Lantern House, the western side of the hutongs - there's two). Loads of fun and local shopping. Heaps of bargains - better than the knock-off markets in the city.