Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Worst. Golgotha. Ever.

It's such a fucking cliche for a goth to wah-wah stuff on her fucking blog. You know me; I'm more for endorsements than whining... mostly. But FUCKING fucking Golgotha.

Even though Boyfriend worked that day, and we're poor, and a million other things, we assembled a group and went, because the November one is usually quite big (being the first one after a long dearth of public holidays).

I went out to the Golden Monkey with a wonderful friend who shouted me many many cocktails. Then we met up with the rest and went early-ish to the venue.

The place was good, the crowd was fine, I saw a few people I'd not seen in awhile and the bar staff was great. But I don't mind if all these things are shit if the music is good; that's why I go out. But in two hours, they didn't play one good song. That's an unprecedented level of suck! Not one! This is coming from a girl who likes bloody everything.

Fuck you, Golgotha.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE Golden Monkey! The cucumber water is delicious. I swear half the time I make my friends go there with me just to drink the water. Hahaha!

Also, lol @ word verification: beated.


Desci said...

Eeew, see, I had to pound it without breath it when I was thirsty, since I HAAAATE cucumber. I'm sorry to be so sacrilegious, hee!

The cocktails were GREAT, though!

Anonymous said...

Well, here's the thing. Should we ever be at Golden Monkey together, I know now there'll be twice as much cucumber water goodness for me. Life's good! LOL


Desci said...