Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Crazy Lady Hair

After I shower, I towel dry my hair and then comb it. I do my makeup and then blow dry it, so it looks like this:

Or, as mum more accurately said, this:

thanks, ma.

So anyway. One day in mid December, I decided to just towel dry it and... see what happened. The result was an alienating-yet-not-unpleasant take on Crazy Lady Hair, shown here:

I quite like it, actually. Particularly when going to the gym, sat on the tram wearing dark glasses like some busted old manlady. No one else likes it... though Boyfriend, bless him, said it was '...cool...?'

When we go camping (urg) I'm not going to have a hair dryer (!) so I dare say I'll be busting out the crazy for a whole week.


Melanie said...

embrace the wet heair slciked into a pony tail look... I've been blow drying or straightening my hair every morning for years but during most recent holidays thought fuck it.... it dries in under an hour and is so easy... second week back at work and i still havent touched the dryer...laziness baby -love it

Melba said...

Just go with the crazy. You're lucky you can blow dry and get it straight. Mine just goes up and out if I don't do something when I get up in the morning but blow drying it just makes it worse.

Marshmallow said...

Don't forget the absolute must have accessory of scissor blades appended to ones fingernails to go with that craziness.

Boogeyman said...

You forgot a picture of the craziest lady hair of them all - Bellatrix Lestrange (far left of pic).

Lindsay said...

I love messy hair (mostly becasue I cannae be fucked with the blowdryer - my spatial awareness is nil and I end up getting tangled). You're lucky to have options with your 'do, mine is so dead straight it borders on looking like rulers hanging from my skull.

Adam 1.0 said...

You can call it Kamp Krazy!

Nancy said...

Desci, don't worry. I went camping last year with my boyfriend to the Lake District and it pissed down all weekend. The toilets were a concrete block/hole in ground type thing, and I was v.stressed about the blow-drying/no make-up awfulness that was going to happen... er there's no magical ended to this tale, I genuinely did look awful, but the point is, I was having so much fun I forgot about it. Once you reach a certain level of acceptance of your uggoness... it's easier.
Oh and wear a lot of hats.

Desci said...

Melanie: No, I hate that look on me! Plus my hair's to short for a pony tail.

Melba: Much to Boyfriend's mother's horror, I am INDEED going with it.

Marshmallow: See, I KNEW I was forgetting something!

Boogeyman: Hot. That's about right.

Lindsay: See, that's AWESOME. I love that dead straight look.

Adam 1.0: And release an album, 'Kamp Krazy Klassics'!

Nancy: That's kind of beautiful.

Jamie said...

I love the fact that Johnny Depp is the owner of Crazy Lady Hair.