Thursday, January 08, 2009

Desci's so Camp

Oh, god, you guys.

So you know how I'm addicted to Body Combat and I wish I was doing it right now oh god fuck this mama needs a fix? Well, over the break Boyfriend did it with me twice. It was so lovely to have him there, sharing something I love doing.

He really is awfully nice to me. I'm unemployed and sucking off the teat of his meagre paycheck; he has to sacrifice so much so I can breezily apply for uni admin jobs and do some half-arsed writing and event production.

Knowing how happy it made me feel, sharing something I love, I decided to reciprocate. He goes camping to this caravan park every January with his family. (But the last two years he hasn't been able to because of weather and work commitments. They were the first break in a 15 or so year tradition).

The year before, his brother could only go for three days, so I joined him for the shortened time. It was... nice. The pros:
- Gorgeous area
- Beach swimming
- Toilet and shower blocks, not 'real' camping
- It was really only one full day there, so the bad could be ignored.

Boyfriend's been asking my thoughts on coming down this year. It was basically, 'no pressure, but I'd love you to come down, however long you'd like but it'd be awesome if it was the whole time'. I've been cagey because I'd *hoped* to have a job by now, which would incidentally mean I couldn't get the leave, but I don't. And knowing how happy it would make him, I agreed. The cons:
- It's outside
- It's summer
- It's spending a week with his family. Who I love, and they're wonderful people, but a week with the in laws? Better than a week with my family, but still, god DAMN that's a lot of polite Desci.

The last two should be repeated in panic until you get a blood nose.

I'm not for the outside world. I'm a tubby, black-clad flower who doesn't like strong wind and direct sunlight. I burn quickly, and tan. Urgh, tan! I've worked hard to be this lovely shade of alabaster, no thanks to my half-wog genes.

Outdoors is dirty, bright and awful. Plus, there's nothing to DO when camping. Boyfriend sees that as the appeal. I guess I could read, write and review my Chinese before the new semester starts. But seriously, how effing boring.

The plan is to go, give it a real try. I might love it. If I don't, bury it deep down and not impede on Boyfriend's fun. Afterward, be honest, sure. But I wanna stay as selfless and sane while I'm up there as possible. Which are two qualities I... don't... really have.

Let's see if I can surprise myself.

Le sigh.


Anonymous said...

You're supposed to spend the whole time smooching.

Bruce said...

You gave up ROCK!! For this??

I'm hurt. Hurt and ashamed.

Marshmallow said...


A week? Outdoors? Without internets? Such a place exists??? *eye twitch*

RandomGit said...

Beware rabbits. They've been known to charge is all.

Desci said...

Anon: Kinda hard when we're in a paper-thin tent, flanked by his parents on one side, and his brother on the other!


Marshy: I'd heard of it, but I didn;t believe it til I saw it.

RG: The image of a charging rabbit will keep me going for at least 3 days. xo