Monday, January 05, 2009

Time and Place

An oldish one, crossposted here. I'll reply to your rather excellent comments on the last post tomorrow!

I was in hospital with Gastro From Hell, my mum and Boyfriend waiting with me.

Around 9pm, mum started sighing. Looking at me, slack from pain and exhausted from vomiting, she whined, 'see, we should be getting a child out of this!' Referring to 'me having a painful stay in hospital'.

She said it a few times, to Boyfriend's snorts and my 'display model only! Display model only!' moans.

Time and place, mother, time and place.

Having said that, for my birthday she *did* buy me a puppy picture book and make jokes about her grandchildren being in there. Baby steps.


Melba said...

Your mum sounds awesome. The best type of mum. Cherish her.

Anonymous said...

You are clearly against having children and that's more than fine. It's mother nature's way of weeding you out. Perhaps this could be your new answer when people/family bang on about it.

RandomGit said...

Yes, how dare you live your own life your own way though without skimping on your obligations, you weed. You unwanted rose, stealing all the fertiliser from us good upstanding fruit trees.

Or are you a coco plant? Maybe a poppy with a overripe bud? Are you ergot? You certainly aren't just another daisy.

I suggest anonymous is an ornamental plum, spreading useless stinking progeny on the footpath that the rest of us have to clean up after.

Anon shouldn't complain over my vicious rejoinder. Trite stereotypes seem to be their forte eh?

Desci said...

Baha! What RG said.

Melba: Lovely to hear. Besides the mind games, she is. I try to.