Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Boyfriend's mum loves cow things. She collects cow mugs; it's quite endearing.

I don't really have a favourite animal. I'm quite fond of most. Not horses.

Anyway, so while I have good feelings to most varieties of animal, be they two legs or four, of the sea or of the land, I don't have an absolute fave whose totem I carry with me always.

Boyfriend's mother rang him just before my birthday to ask what my favourite animal was.

Now, this is a guy who often knows me better than I do. He can guess my thoughts and anticipate most of my actions. He has never bought me a dud present; they've always been gold.

Yet when he replied to his mother, he said 'turtles'.


Now I'm not complaining, for two reasons.
1, I do rather like turtles. Who doesn't? Be they standard or ninja.
And 2, for my birthday his parents bought me a gorgeous silver turtle on a necklace; it's lovely and I adore it. Oh, and his sister-in-law bought me a cute little turtle made of a lovely clear-coloured stone. But... turtles?

Hopefully this won't lead to decades of turtle-themed presents. I love both of the gifts I got (truly, they're awesome) so I can't really say, 'Oh Bee Tee Dub, I'm not that into turtles' without them erroneously thinking I dislike my gifts.

But seriously, Boyfriend... turtles?


Marshmallow said...

Oh dear, he really should have known, your favourite animal is Body Combat.

(PS: ahahahaha word verification is 'butted')

Lindsay said...

Be afraid, be very friggin' afraid. My ex heard that I was an Elmo fan (note: I kinda was, about 10 years prior) and all of a sudden I had an Elmo doormat, boxer shorts, PJs, t-shit (typo but I'm leaving it), bag and video - seriously, does a 19 year-old really need that much Sesame Street merchandise? Perhaps mention to BF that while you genuinely love your gifts your turtle-themed quota has now been filled and if he could subtley let his family know that it would be great. Good luck!

Boogeyman said...

What Lindsay said. If you tell people what your favourite anything is, you give them the chance to discard all imagination when it comes to buying you presents.

flashman said...

I have the same thing with my parents - can't really say "stop giving me bad novels and joke DVDs" because they'll think I'm being ungrateful.

Melba said...

I think it's too late. It's obvious from what you've said you are on the road to being a turtle collector, without even trying.

There are worse things. But there might be some pretty awful turtle statuettes and earrings out there.

Adam 1.0 said...

My favourite animal is the cartoon chicken. Real ones taste nice but do little else for me, but cartoon ones make me piss myself laughing for some sick reason.

RandomGit said...

Turtles indeed, we all know it's bats.

See, this is what you get for not letting him read your blog.

Word Verification: Awsinfi, to defy work verification definition extrapolation.

Perseus said...

I tell everyone my favourite thing is cheap tacky seascapes purchased at op shops, but nobody ever buys them for me, and yet, candles... jesus I get a lot of candles. And coffee mugs. Sure, I like coffee and candlelight, but really, not that much.

Maybe get a real turtle, so everbody will feel silly buying you a fake one.

Desci said...

Marshy: Hee! 'Zactly.

Lindsay: It's been a source of constant amusement to me; brining it up and watching him go, 'well, you bloody DID say you liked them!' and get all indignant.

Boogey: That's what I'm afraid of!

Flashy: I actually said to my mum, 'Please NO slippers or PJs this year?' because I still have slippers from last year I've not even used, because the ones from the year before are still new!

Melba: Nooo!

1.0: I'll remember that.

RG: What? When did I say that? I don't like bats!

Pers: 1. At least candles can be 'used up'. Coffee mugs just... hang around forever.