Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Not Even and Update

Still alive, much to say. Mostly funny. Angsty comes in the form of Boyfriend's friends, who were stuck in the fires, had to stay in their dam and watch the fire destroy their house and cars. The hall in their town was also burned down... the same hall where, in a fortnight's time, the family were hosting a benefit to pay for the mother's cancer bills (she's in hospital and terminal). It just peels my face off with horror, what some people have thrown at them,

I'm forcing Boyfriend to give blood with me on the weekend. We've never done it but I have to man the fuck up. I don't 'do' en masse emotional outpourings, but this is fucked.

In other news, living in the country's an absolute rort.

And Melba, bless you. I've been meaning to tell you your comment on the 'Lies' post made for an excellent ending for my piece. xo


Anonymous said...

An. AN. Oh God, it's AN.

Sorry. I can't handle obvious errors like that. It sets off the OCD component. -_-

Nearly made my own typo writing this comment. Sheesh.

Off to have a cup of tea and a lie down. The constant bad news from Victoria makes me emotionally volatile.


Gabriella said...

I'm manning up and giving blood soon too. I registered online, so hopefully they'll call me.

It's the least I can do. I can't afford to give money.

Melba said...

Glad you are ok.

And re the words, thanks, and you're welcome.

Boogeyman said...

Are you sure you have enough blood to donate, Desci?

I thought possessing adequate quantities of blood was incompatible with a goth lifestyle.

Marvin said...

boogeyman, not her own! she means take it out the fridge and donate it.

True goths keep always keep a supply of virgin's blood in their fridge, sheesh!

Blackberry Moose said...

Sorry to hear bout the boyfriend's friends fire saga. If it's any consulation my family house/property was caught in the fires too. We're all still waiting to hear if it's standing, or completely gone....time will tell I guess :/

At least no one in the family or friends circle was caught in the blaze.

you get a gold star for giving blood though :) I'd love to, but I'm blacklisted due to living in the UK during the Mad Cow outbreaks. *shakes fist*

naridu said...

So glad to hear Boyfriends friends were able to get to their dam at least and survive. I've been glued to the news and checking in with people I know in those areas.

Big props to the two of you giving blood this weekend, now that's an appropriate way to spend Valentines if ever I saw one :)

Nancy said...

I didn't know you can get black listed for the Mad Cow outbreak?! That's so weird considering they don't even touch on that question in the UK.
Last time I donated, I got trapped mid-flow talking to a racist nurse who said she 'wasn't sure about that Obama feller'.

As for the fires, I can't even believe the horror of that situation. This is going to sound like a stupid platitude but I sincerely hope everybody you guys know and love is ok.

Perseus said...

Anonymous: I read it as 'Not Even'... and ... an 'Update'. You know, two different things.

Anonymous said...

Hi Desci

Just wanted to touch base and say I hope all is okay with you. Am a bit worried we haven't heard anything in a while.

Very sorry if my last comment offended you. That was not my intention.



RandomGit said...

I think she's busy chasing Trent around the country at the moment.

Desci said...

RG's right!

NOI, I was in too much of a hurry to proof it. You know I love you, just go have a lie down. xo

Boogey: what Marvin said. But now I just need to find more virgins; I keep soiling mine.

Blackberry Moose: How awful! I've not yet met a person who doesn't have friends/family who've been affected.

naridu: Hee! Though they didn't call us; they said they'd need some in a few weeks, so we're happy waiting to get the call.

Nancy: Perhaps in the UK they have other precautions to deal with it, since it's more common over there?

Perseus: Yes, that's what I meant. Ahem. So Nyyyer, NOI.

Anonymous said...


Glad you're back! ^_^