Thursday, June 04, 2009

Check Me OUT

I know some people are anti-label, and I appreciate that. I tend to find labels liberating rather than restrictive. Like the one I found today: Doublecrossdresser!! I take this to mean (for example) women dressing 'as a woman' in the same way a man dresses 'as a woman'. I'm not alone! Wooo!

Anyway, this is the best thing EVAH:


My name is


I am

ALWAYS!, active, admirer, aggressive, artsy, assertive, BDSM, bbw, beautiful, biogirl, bitch, blessed, boigirl, bondage, bouncy, boy lover, boy with boobs, bubbly, butch-liking, child, chubby, clockable, closet queen, confidant, cuddly, cunt, curious, cute, different, diva, dog lover, doublecrossdresser, drag queen, dude, effeminate, everything, extrovert, fabulous, family-closeted, fancy, fangirl, fat femme, faux queen, female guy, female impersonator, female-assigned, female-bodied, female-born, female-identified, feminist, femme-ish, femme-liking, fetishist, flamer, flirt, freak, friend of Dorothy, friendly, full of hate, full of love, geek, gender atypical, gender blender, gender confused, gender deviant, gender liberationist, gendered, girl, girl hater, girl lover, girlfag, glittery, human, hyper-sexual, intelligent, kinky, ladyboy, lover, loving, low femme, Ms., macho, male-souled, man-loving, minx, misrepresented, misunderstood, monoflexible, multifacetted, nerd, nymphomaniac, obsessed, odd, out-ish, outgoing, outspoken, pan-romantic, passing girl, passionate, peoplesexual, pervert, polycurious, polyflexible, polysnuggler, pro-sex feminist, puppy, queen, queer, queer-friendly, queer-minded, queerly straight, radical faerie, readable, recreational gender blender, romantic, self-defined, sex positive, sex radical, she-bitch, shemale, sir, switch, trampy, tranny, trannychaser, trannygrrl, trans-loving, transy, twin-spirit, versatile, virgin, wannabe, weird, woman-loving

Who are you?

What's yours?


Melba said...

I woke up in the middle of the night. Long story. But anyway, I thought of the best comment I could put here. And here it is:

My labels would be confused-by-acronyms, unsure, unclear and overwhelmed-with-possiblities.

It was funny at 3am.

Perseus said...

They didn't offer 'cunt-cunt'.

Desci said...

Melba, it's funny now!

Pers, ypu can add it. It's your duty.