Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Robots in Disguise

No spoilers be here.

Midnight screening of Transformers. So tired. Got home at three but was able to get to work at 10, and had a nap beforehand so it could be much, much worse.

Highlight: The Megan Fox intro scene. It shows her wonderful personality.

Actually, she's REALLY not my type... that FHM aesthetic doesn't do it for me. In both movies she's so fucking greasy. Seriously, there's another girl in it, too, also brown and greasy. It's like they've just walked out of 'OIL TAN' Magazine. I swear it must be a Michael Bay fetish. If you went to his house, in his bottom drawer would be magazines like 'FAT N THIN' - in which skinny girls cover themselves in shiny, lukewarm lard for optimum glean. And 'HI-GLOSS BROWN FANCY' - which depicts overly tanned thin women with highly reflective, and highly tanned skin.

Rest of the movie was fucking awesome, as you'd expect from 2.5 hours of robots kicking the shit out of each other. They amped everything up this time: lingering, pornographic shots of the robots, the parents were 43% wackier, and the robots were... zany. There were the Jar Jar Binks twins, and some other similar haps. I was surprised Megatron didn't do a tight five minutes of gear at the end ('what's with humans, and there spines, amirite?!')

Go see it at Imax. I will be... again. (Knowing I'd see it multiple times, as a gift to myself I had a 30ish minute sleep half way. So there'll be new stuff to enjoy).



Perseus said...

Do you have to see Transformer I first? Because I never saw it.

Anonymous said...

*tries desperately to ignore your typo*

Um. Shit. I forgot what I was going to say...

Oh. Jar Jar Binks. I thought he was harmless enough but I know many people just wanted to stab the dude in the face repeatedly. Which camp are you in?

Definitely going to see Transformers. Haven't seen the first one yet, but I will, although I agree with you - not feeling the Megan Fox love. She's so... common. "Poor man's Angelina" is right.


RandomGit said...

Zany? As if that didn't fuck it enough for me the first time. All else could be forgiven if not for the zany antics.

Desci said...

Pers: Yes! When you see it, just remember - brain goes off, eyes say, 'oooh, 'splosions!'

NOI: I'd be VERY surprised if there's only one. I was seeing starts yesterday and didn't proof read.

Jar Jar, I didn't mind. I mean, he was just the wacky character, exactly like C3PO. I'm not the biggest Star Wars fan anyway.

RG: Zaniness has its place, I think. Let me know what you think of it in T2.