Friday, June 12, 2009


I’ve not had a drag of a cigarette for four years. But I still crave them; it’s ridiculous. I think I may take it up again when I’m very very old, just because it’s fun and lovely and wonderful. I miss my daggy yet awesome Marlboro Menthols.

Here is my regret: I didn’t light enough cigarettes with matches. It was always so much more delicious than with lighters.

Typically, I don’t do regrets, but o, this superficial little one gets to me.


the projectivist said...

i also miss The Smoking of Mentholated Cigarettes.
4 years is impressive though.
it's been about 4 months for me, but my plan is to take it up again when i'm old(er), when i can get away with talking to myself out loud and wearing my dressing-gown and slippers whilst shopping.
those will be some good times.

Lindsay said...

4 years is a damn good effort - be proud!

I used to 'smoke' matches as a kid for the very same flavour you miss - strike the match from in front of you and bring towards and under your chin. Inhale. Cough up a lung.

Anonymous said...


I figure, fuck it, if I'm old life probably wont be worth sticking around for too long, so why not eat, drink, smoke and be merry?!

Also, menthols were my choice, too. I used to love it cos my friends thought they were gross so never "bummed" a smoke from me unless they were desperate. Win!


Anonymous said...

I haven't smoked for.. ooh it would be about 15 years now. And I had forgotten the menthol cigs! Oh. My. God. They were weird because you had the filth of the smoke combined with that freaky freshness.. I think I'm craving one now!

Melba said...

Best menthol cigs = St Moritz. So classy dahling; long, whit, elegant.

It's been 9 years for me. And I don't crave them. Seriously.

Melba said...


Desci said...

the projectivist: Yes! Let's all meet up in 2050 and smoke our guts out. Mmmm...

Lindsay: It's ike a lovely roasted woodsy flavour. When you light with a lighter, you just get a chemically taste.

NOI: See you in 2050 too, hee. And YES! I started smoking menthols because my friend HiSkool would periodically 'quit' - ie would quit buying them and bum them off me.

Anon: So fresh. So smokey.

Melba: OK. So at least there is light at the end of the craving tunnel!

eat my shorts said...

My dad used to light his smokes with matches and he even used to let us kids light them for him.

It's a wonder I don't have a pack a day habit.

Desci said...

EMS: I find the kids of heavy smokers are often the least likely to pick it up. Which is maybe why I'm not crazy over pot.