Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Embracing the Black with Limecrime

Limecrime's newish lipstick range is divinely cunty. Have a look!

I'm dying to try the orange one. And the red!

A few months ago I bought their black, Styletto.

A quick manifesto on black lipstick: It's time for it to come back. Wretch it out of the hands of babybats at Flinders Street station. It can be used as a high fashion colour if that's your thing, or as gothy/punk wonderfulness as long as you do it right. Keep your other makeup either muted or bright and colourful. No matching it with heavily-blackened eyelids. No drawing spiderwebs on your face.

Black is dramatic. Use it wisely. Wear it confidently. Think 1920s and Haute Macabre couture, don't think 14-year-old using her $2 eyeliner.

At 28-years-old I've finally discovered the magnificence of a back lipstick used well and it's all thanks to the lovely Doe Deere and her innovative, trailblazing ways. Love her.

Important notes about rocking the black:
1. Use a good liner! I've been experimenting with Poppy King's invisible liner, sold through Kit Cosmetics.
2. If you're about to eat something messy, remove and then reapply after the meal. Lest you start sporting a black goatee.

Now for the product!

1. Colour payoff. After ONE COAT, it is very, very black (excuse crappy shots, remember, I'm the world's worst photographer):

Two coats:

During the day I also like to wear it blotted with some gloss, for an almost gunmetal grey colour:

Other pros:
2. The scent! It smells like a vanilla milkshake. Beyond cool.
3. Stains and wears well, minimal feathering/bleeding.
4. Feels nice on. Soft, not crayon-y.

1. Cute packaging, but the lid keeps falling off. I can't take it anywhere without an elastic band joining the lid with the base.
2. It's also very soft. I can no longer apply it like a regular tube lipstick - I have to use a brush.

The cons are little gripes (and I'd rather a soft lipstick that moisturises over one that retains its shape in the tube but dries out lips!) The three pros are huge. I would absolutely recommend this product and will definitely be buying it again.

Go check out Limecrime now: I'm also obsessed with their Snow Queen eyeshadow, a loose powder white with blue glitter throughout, perfect as a top shade to brighten eyes.

Coming up: reviews of the OCC Lip tars in black, deep burgundy, white, blue and green.


Kerces said...

Not sure if Bell Shakespeare has come to Melbourne yet with its newest King Lear, but Goneril (the eldest daughter) has very funky black lipstick throughout.

RandomGit said...

To improve your photos to a professional level you need to add:


The End.

RandomGit said...

BTW, Luscious post that.

emma said...

You've got fabulous lips.

RandomGit said...

Post you slattern.

Desci said...

Kerces: Oooh, will have to look for promo shots...

RG: Hee! That, and, oh, a modicum of ability!

Emma: Cheers!