Thursday, September 23, 2010

Baby Name Shame: Border Mail Edition

Anique Joy Smith
Is it Yooo-nik? Even better. It’s AN-ique!

Levi Siro Smith
So bibleful. If this dude can’t pull off a brown, flowing robe and long hair when he’s all growed up, no one can.

Inde-Ana May Smith
Whoa. Sisters Myont-Ana and Dah-Khota and brother Khen-Tuki are proud to have a little baby sister to carry on their bogan-arse traditions.

Logan Brett Tomo Smith
Ok, we get it, you want your son to be a jock. Fine.

Laytoya Lee Smith
Latoya Jackson’s name needed slutting up, clearly. So now there’s a ‘lay’ in there. Tasteful.

Iilysh Evelyn Maia Smith
The joke lies in the fact her family’s names are all so common: Ross, Melissa, Jack and Chas. She’s all alone in her name shame, poor thing.

Dempsie Lily Smith
Someone really digs Something for Kate.

Isabellah Kathlein Smith
‘i’ before ‘e’, except after drinking while pregnant.


claire said...

Oooh Desci I've been meaning to tell you about one I heard recently: Le-An.

Pronounced not "Leeanne", but "leDASHan". Yes, you pronounce the dash.

Desci said...

No. NO!! Oh god, that's just... NO!

My 'real name' is hypenated. When I spell it, this often happens:
'How do you spell "Hi-Fin"?'
'No, no, as in, put a hyphen in it'
'What's that?'
*Big sigh* 'It's a dash.'

Anonymous said...

can you start including band names from x factor - yes i know, i'm ashamed i watched it too. they called one Kharizma!!

emsy x

Desci said...

Oh dear god! I've not seen it. Maybe I should!