Monday, September 27, 2010

Baby Name Shame: Geelong Advertiser Edition Two!

O, Geelong Advertiser. So many bogans. So much breeding.

Jock Thomas Smith
Not quite ‘John Thomas’, but I love the idea of a toddler named Jock. It’s so… jaunty old man.

Marlhi Hunter Smith
Named after reggae singer Bhob, of course.

Griffyn Tyler Smith
The tell-tale superfluous bogan ‘y’ is so nineties. Now it’s all about the bhogan H!

Slater Nikola Smith
Slater is a beautiful girl’s name. Exhibit A. Exhibit B. (Both wiki articles, SFW)

Khobe Shane Smith
Ok, now people: the name ‘Kobe’ was dreamt up by two American bogans, who named their son after a steak dish in a Japanese restaurant. It’s already a bogan name, you don’t need to increase its potency by adding the superfluous ‘H’. We already know you’re trash, it’s cool, you’re covered!


kartar said...

I do like the "Khobe Shane" part - it's like new bogan meets old skool bogan. I bet there is a grandparent called "Shane..." and they are honouring them. :P

Desci said...

Oh my god, I didn't think of that! THE BOGANS OF THE 70S AND 80S COME FULL CIRCLE!