Thursday, September 16, 2010

Gay lovers, I’m not dead.

When I’m not working, I’m at some manner of accident-related doctor.
When I’m not some manner of accident-related doctor, I’m doing the outside-of-work writing stuff.
And when I’m not doing that, I’m sleeping.
And all of these things are done with pain, constant pain. Bah!

So a quick update on life:
- The nerve damage in my leg is still making me its bitch. It’s surprising, how much pain it brings.
- And yes, the collarbone is still broken. I’m going to Beijing from 14 October - 12 November. I literally get off the plane and get an X-ray. Then a few days after that I see the surgeon, then the next day he operates on me
- But there is a SMALL chance the bone will knit before then, hence the Xray.
- Oh, also, I may have to get a bone graft from my hip. FFS!
- I’m seeing a brill psychologist about the accident. Since I was very consciously living a perfect life, and now it’s pretty fucking terrible, with the pain and the impact the injury has had. So I’m all, ‘wah wah, poor me’ BUT THEN IMMEDIATELY I start thinking about the ‘other people’, who have it a million, billion times worse than me, and The Guilt sets in. So our aim with the sessions is to get my brain to settle in the middle of those two extremes: to allow myself to be a bit self-pitying, but only in moderation, and without the guilt. It’s harder than it sounds.

Besides that, nothing to report. But for the fact that THE DESCENDANTS ARE TOURING! Boyfriend and I are going to the Melbourne and Brissie shows. They’re playing as part of the ha-mazing ‘No Sleep Til’ festival (shitty name, orgasmic line up).

So. I’ve been doing this long enough to realise that it needs to be a habit, an everyday thing, otherwise it slips away. So here’s to tryin’.


Anonymous said...

The whole accident thing makes me so mad. Running a red light, ffs. WHO DOES THAT?!


It's lovely to hear from you again, though. I hope the out-of-work writing stuff is going well?


Anonymous said...

nice to read what you're up to again luv. take care and the psychologist sounds like a great idea. i know that feeling. emsy x