Friday, September 17, 2010

A Nice Big Slice of Awkward Cake

Gay lovers, you know me. You know I Keep It Real(tm). Part of said Realness is being honest when I have a contrary opinion.

All the time.

Yes, it gets trying.

But by the vagina of She-Ra, I do it.

Except for this one time a few weeks ago.

A lovely acquaintance I met through work had an extra ticket to All About My Mother.
Minus: It was an MTC play. Brrr, MTC and their demographic Brrr.
Plus: It starred Paul Capsis. And I’d follow her to THE ENDS OF THE EARTH.
I love that he has regular work, but FFS is she testing my love. Threepenny Opera and now this. (Where, where did Threepenny Opera go wrong? I love Paul Capsis. I love Eddie Perfect. I love Casey Bennetto. And I love the Malthouse. But the whole thing was so… ordinary).

So All About My Mother.

After a lovely dinner at Script, and lovely conversation with my acquaintance (a very interesting bear-identifying fellow), our spirits were high and we were excited. And he loved it. LOVED it.
Ok, well firstly, Paul Capsis pissed over the other actors, but she was still just playing Paul Capsis. He needed something to do, some direction.

A review in Beat Magazine said the original movie’s script was ‘consensually raped’ by the playwright. Having not seen the movie, I still agree.

The performances were hammy, melodramatic, ridiculous and laughable. An exception was the ageing starlet, and of course Ms Capsis.

The storyline was unengaging, predictable and bland.

And Alison fucking Whyte. God was she ACTING. ACT. ING.
(So that she’d say her lines quietly),
(And then go quiet).

It’s hard to portray in writing, as you can see. But fuck she’s annoying.

So it was an awful, awful play. I’ve seen worse professional productions, but not many.

Though I couldn’t tell my companion that. He loved it so much! And I wanted to impress him! So very uncharacteristically for me, I grit my teeth, bent over and told him I enjoyed it. Like the bitch I never am. Oh well. At least now we’ll have dinner together again.


Anonymous said...

I had read another bad review before going to the nanna session (4pm on a Saturday yay) so I was ready for the worst. And I LOVED it.

There were some acting issues with Manuela and Rosa but the rest of the cast, the set, the story were divine.

Please see the movie (we watched it on the Sunday as a number of people who went to the play hadn't seen it).


Anonymous said...

Completely see the movie - it's great. I wouldn't see the play - probably cos nothing could compare to the movie. Pedro Almodóvar is a genius. Re: honesty - sometimes you have to take one for the team doll lol

emsy x

Desci said...

Ok, you've convinced me, I will! xo