Sunday, November 14, 2010


And just when I was posting regularly again!
I come to Beijing, and am confronted by the Great Firewall of China. And lovers, I'll be here for a whole month.

But something good comes out of it! Since, in my guilt about not being able to forewarn you or update you, I'm probably gonna be a wee little blogging machine, writing posts to chuck up at a later date.

So why did I not post for so long? A few reasons. Working full time has never been conducive to it, though with this new job I'm going to force myself to get back in the habit.

Yes! New job! I was headhunted (along with my kickers boss) to take part in a new development at The University. It's awesome. And I love, love, love our new boss. why, is for another post.


RandomGit said...

Thats reminds me, for your selection:

Night of the Headhunter.

Awesome 80's skin flick.

Desci said...

Excellent good... so long as it's not horror.

RandomGit said...

It's laughable. And has Ron Jeremy in it.

Desci said...

Excellent good!