Tuesday, November 23, 2010


The Beijing apartment in which we always stay is right next to a 'Modeling and Media Agency'. They always have bad Mandarin/Canto pop music blasting, people are always smoking in our shared landing and it's suspiciously hot. Gorgeous Chinese girls enter and exit, so skinny that it's not sexy, not gross, just fascinating. Also, they take the pictures there. From the doorway I see the cameraman and the flash, but not the posing hot things, worst luck.

Everybody smokes in Beijing. And the roads are terrifying. You know how I was hit by a car in June? And how I'm terrified of normal, safe Aussie roads, since it happened while I was crossing with the green man, doing everything right? Yeah, well. This has been a very unpleasant part of the trip so far, crossing the roads. The drivers are all fucking crazy here. Looking down at the 3rd Ring Road, there's a beep every… hang on… ok, three per ten seconds. Sometimes more. But I'm pretty high up so in the day, the traffic sound provides good white noise to combat the shitty pop music from the agency. And in the night the double-glazing on the closed windows muffles it enough to sleep.

Still. I love it here. Love!

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