Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Fight fire with fire, then.

Lovers, I'm not the kind of guy to listen to music when I work. I like silence. I get distracted by wanting to listen, pausing to sing along. I'm not a good blocker-outer.

But this shitty Chinese pop is getting on my tits.

The modelling agency cranks it throughout the day. Boyfriend's working today, so I have a day writing in my pjs. There is so much to do.

Good bands for 'wall of sound' whitenoise include Animal Collective, Pavement and the Metallic Falcons. I'll get to that. But first I wanna do some revenge-tuning.

Crank up 'Who Killed Amanda Palmer', followed by some Kiki and Herb. And then - POW - some Judy Fucking Garland.

See, I could go the predictable route, angry loud punk, industrial and metal. But where's the fun in that? It jet looks like retaliation. Give them weirdy round-eye queer theatre geek with a burlesque bend. That's where the headfuck lives.

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