Sunday, November 28, 2010


'Every time I see you, you've lost more weight!' my new Big Boss (ie, the boss of my boss) says. 'I kind of hate you for that. Your boobs are smaller!'

'THANK you!' I say. I'm in no way close to my goal, but it's been nice to go back to south of triple digits, uh huh.
'Boyfriend has been adamant that they've not been getting smaller - but I know they have!'

(This is a stance Boyfriend has since withdrawn from - he just didn't want me getting upset that my boobs were getting smaller, along with the rest of me. It was inevitable, and it's totally unfair, but what can you do).

'No one's really been noticing' I continue to my Big Boss, 'I've never weighed myself regularly before the start of this year. I've lost 12 kegs so far - not nearly enough, but the accident, etc, have slowed me down'.

'People won't notice,' says my big boss, who, incidentally, is a proud member of the Fat Chick Brigade, 'To skinny people, there's fat and thin. Once you're at 80 kegs, you could be 80 or 150, no one would notice'.

So true! O well.

The wedding's coming up, so Boyfriend and I are on hardcore weightloss. Well, as hardcore as I can be without going to the gym. Stupid collarbone. FUCK I MISS THE GYM. Srsly. I need my daily spazz-out, and I've not had it for 6 months. Grr.

Anyway, I'm weighing myself every day in China, and also trying to have 1-2 Optifasts a day while we're here, to prevent buying food three times a day. Beijing food is SO effing good. More on that later.

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