Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Drunken Times in Beijing Pt 2

Fags and Punks
Tried to go to a lesbian bar, only to find that it had been closed a few months prior. A few days later we tried a new queer night, but we were early and only the organisers, all round-eyes, were in attendance. So we headed to D-22, a punk club.

Much fun was had. The only Chinese goth girl I ever saw pushed me into the mosh pit, and I made it to the front row. The Headliner band's singer was a fan of putting the mic out to the crowd, when it was my turn I did my best with 'Oi Oi Oi!'s, a punk staple, and 'SOMETHING SOMETHING!!'s.

Chinese moshpits are funny. American in style, that is, side-to-side slamdancing rather than Aussie/UK up-and-down pogoing. And perhaps due to a lack of amphetamines, the kids would go crazy for half a song, then just stand around. Then go sick for 20 seconds, then stand around for 30. Etc, etc.

Bellagio, Destination and George's
Bellagio: AMAZING Taiwanese food in opulent surroundings. And all the wait staff had matching dyke haircuts and uniforms.
Destination: The biggest gay man's club in Beijing. But sadly, on a Tuesday, there were about 5 people there. Still, it's good to know I translate: the gay boys love me in English AND Mandarin.
George's: Interesting cocktails, but no Longgrain.

I just what to spend 2 weeks every year in Beijing. I love it there so hard.

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ikandel said...

I'm an Aussie Beijing-based writer person (introductions are fun) and while I've never thought too hard about D22's mosh-pit style, I gotta say you're right on the money. Too much side-to-side, not enough up-and-down for my liking (innuendo aside).